Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shutter Island

I recently came across a trailer for a new movie called "Shutter Island" on this blog. It's based on a novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane who also wrote Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and several episodes of The Wire. I have to add, that I have never seen a single episode of The Wire even though it is a complete sacrilege for any one that lives in the Baltimore-Metro area. I'm waiting to borrow it on DVD - it will happen some day I swear. But everyone I know has seen the entire show and constantly raves about it and how true to Baltimore life it is. Also, Mystic River, I totally fell asleep on. SORRY! I know that its against the law to say such a thing but its true so get over it. As far as Gone Baby Gone is concerned I've heard that it too is a fantastic film but I have never seen it. Somehow though, the fact that David Lehane had a hand in all of these great projects (that I never saw) makes me want to actually see this one. But more than that even, I feel the need to read the book before the movie comes out this October. I was wondering if any of you have read the book and if so, what you though of it. I almost feel like the trailer gave too much away and maybe the book would no longer be as enjoyable or suspenseful. What do you think? Anyone else out there want to read the book, or at least see the movie?

I've added the trailer to the right side bar if you'd like to check it out - be warned though it might contain spoilers.

UPDATE: I went to the bookstore today to buy something else and thought - what the hell! I went to the Fiction ... found the L's ... found David Lehane and about 3 other books of his, but no "Shutter Island." I thought maybe they had them on an end-cap or table somewhere because the movie is coming out but couldn't find it. So I caved and went to the counter to ask an employee. He walked right over to the shelf with the other David Lehan books where I had already checked - this was a little annoying but I maintained composure and only let out a few heavy sighs. He was as surprised as I had been that there were no copies of the book, then said "We've had a lot of people asking for that one. Is there a movie coming out or something?" Guess that answers the question.


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